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How to stop the never-ending cycle of weight gain and stress

Chewed out by your boss? Had another less-than-stellar date? You feel out of control and powerless, with no clue how to fix whatever it is that needs fixing. Comfort is your immediate thought – you’ll do anything to feel better, even if it’s only a temporary fix. If your first thought is to stop by...

by July 15, 2016July 15, 2016

Your summer guide to eating healthy at a Texas barbecue

Hot weather is here, and BBQ season is in full gear. For health-minded folks like you, enjoying a Texas barbecue shouldn’t mean staring from the sidelines while friends wolf down unhealthy foods that used to be on your menu. Eating high-carb potato salads and highly processed chips and sweets will derail your goals quickly, but that doesn’t mean...

by July 12, 2016July 12, 2016

Losing weight like the pros—tips and tricks from professional athletes on staying fit

Some people aspire to hoop like Tony Parker, hit like Jose Bautista or jump like Andre Johnson. Others simply want to lose weight and stay in shape. Both can learn a lot from professional athletes. Sure, world-class athletes have some advantages the average fans can’t compete with. Professional athletes get paid handsomely to ensure their bodies are...

by July 12, 2016July 12, 2016

Summer dishes that are easy to make & even easier to eat!

The sun is high in the sky and warm weather is upon us; nobody wants to be trapped in a hot kitchen, but luckily, preparing healthy food for summer meals can be quick and easy. Here are a few recipes to make eating healthy a snap this summer. Delicious summer seafood appetizer Seafood is a...

by June 17, 2016June 17, 2016

Hot weather fitness: Tips for staying cool while working out

 Those long-awaited warm summer months are finally here, and with nicer weather, many people are becoming more active. As the heat increases outdoors, however, keeping up with an effective summer workout can seem challenging. When temperatures rise, your body circulates more blood through your skin to keep it cool, which can lead to an increased...

by June 10, 2016June 10, 2016

Father’s Day gift ideas for dads looking to slim down

If you’re seeking unique Father’s Day gifts for a dad looking to lose a few pounds, you may consider all the old standbys such as expensive exercise equipment, memberships to pricey diet plans or gym passes. While those gifts are thoughtful, they don’t provide much support or incentive for continued weight loss. This year, give a Father’s...

by June 3, 2016June 3, 2016

Banish body shaming: Thinking positive can lead to weight loss

How many times in the past week have you said something unkind to yourself? That your hair didn’t look good, that your makeup was off, that you were too “fat” to do something, that you were tired of feeling sick? The truth is that we’ve all had at least one of these thoughts, and many...

by May 20, 2016May 20, 2016

Mindfulness & weight loss—is there a connection?

The mind-body connection is strong and well established, but you might be surprised to learn that mindfulness and weight loss may also be linked. Meditation has been used for centuries as a way to clear the mind and find calmness and clarity. It often involves deep, mindful breathing that can make you feel relaxed and...

by May 16, 2016May 16, 2016

Quick & easy low carb meals & snacks for work

Following a low carbohydrate diet at work takes a little planning, but it’s no trouble to prepare these low carb meals and snacks – and even beverages – ahead of time. They’re easy to make, store and transport, so they’re perfect to take to work. 2 snacks you can make ahead for work Apples (or pears) and cheese Both of...

by May 6, 2016May 6, 2016

Young at heart: 5 ways to stay active in San Antonio

Staying fit and active isn’t just for 20-somethings. Regardless of your age, exercise can help increase your strength, flexibility and balance while keeping you physically and mentally fit and reducing your chances of experiencing depression. Fortunately, San Antonio offers plenty of activities for seniors to socialize and stay healthy. These are five great ways to...

by April 28, 2016April 28, 2016