Nicole Harris, MS, RDN, LD

Nicole holds both a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Master of Science in Nutrition. She has 5 years of scientific research experience at some of the nations leading research institutes including the National Institutes of Health and Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute. Skilled at relying complex scientific information to patients, Nicole believed that when patients truly understand the science behind diet and lifestyle changed, they are more likely to follow through and make long term changes.

Nicole received her nutrition training at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington where they focused on integrative and functional whole foods nutrition. As a student clinician at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, Nicole was trained to worked with an integrative healthcare team including Naturopathic doctors as well as Herbal and Chinese medicine practitioners, to provide holistic care to all her patients.

Nicole is passionate about empowering patients to be advocates for their own health. Through patient-centered counseling, she guides her clients through self-discovery with which they become informed and proactive members of their own health care. Each counseling session takes a holistic approach, not only focusing on nutrition education, but taking into account how the mind and body both play into making lasting changes. Nicole meets clients on their level, finding practical ways to fit health and wellness into their busy lifestyles. She helps clients live vibrantly by encouraging practical changes that allows one to avoid feeling deprived while reaching their desired fitness goals.

Nicole brings a unique perspective to the BMI family that not only strengthens the mission of the practice but promotes the lifelong success of all its patients.

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