Intragastric Balloon (Obalon)

The Obalon intragastric balloon is an FDA-approved weight loss system that uses space occupying balloons in the stomach to decrease hunger and reduce caloric intake to help patients achieve their goals. The balloons are delivered into the stomach via a capsule that the patient can swallow. They are then inflated with air by the surgeon using an attached catheter, each one occupying approximately 250 mL of space in the stomach.

This system is fundamentally different than previous balloons that have been on the market, namely Orbera (Apollo Endosurgery) and Reshape (Reshape Medical). These systems used fluid filled balloons to occupy space in the stomach, causing patients to feel constantly full and weighed down. In contrast, the Obalon balloon system is a lightweight, air-filled system that allows the patient to easily and comfortably continue with their daily activities.

Below are answers to commonly asked questions about the Obalon system. For finding out even more, please call us at 210-615-8500

  • Are you a good candidate for the weight loss balloon procedure?

  • How are the balloons placed and removed?

  • How long do the balloons stay in?

  • Does insurance pay for this procedure?

  • What does our program include?

  • What results can you expect?

  • What side effects can be associated with this treatment?

  • What are the possible complications?

  • How do I get started?

Why Pay More?

Gastric Sleeve Surgery can range drastically in price, but you aren't necessarily getting better service for your money. BMI of Texas's state of the art facility allows us to cost effectively provide this proceedure while providing top quality service.

Example of how our Gastric Sleeve Sleeve Pricing Compares to the Competition
Dallas A$13,400
Dallas B$11,000
Houston A$16,000
Houston B$14,300
Houston B$14,300
Los Angeles A$12,000
Los Angeles B$25,000
BMI of Texas$9,900

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