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What to expect for your life AFTER weight loss surgery

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May 8, 2017

What to expect for your life AFTER weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery can result in some significant mental and physical changes. Although you’ll be excited about the prospect of a healthier body, you should also be aware of What to expect after weight loss surgery.

Woman looking in mirror while holding up shirt to reveal body after weight loss surgery.

A recovery period

You’ll need to give your mind and body time to adjust after weight loss surgery. Depending on the type of surgery you have and your particular situation, you may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to return to work and feel like you’re moving toward your new version of normal.

You may have to limit your diet to a few foods at first and slowly transition to a less restrictive diet, so it’s important to understand what you’ll be able to handle. It may help to start a journal in which you detail what you eat and how you feel afterward. Also include progress along the way, such as any medications you’re able to reduce or eliminate.

Blue tennis shoes, water bottle, and small dumbbells in a line on concrete.

Lifestyle changes

Weight loss surgery can yield some dramatic results, but in order to keep the pounds off, you’ll need to make some lifestyle changes as well.

Your doctor will tell you more about what you need to do in your particular case, but in general, you should expect to start eating smaller, more frequent meals that meet your nutritional needs. An exercise plan will also help you keep the weight off after weight loss surgery.

Woman walking on beach holding white balloons while reflecting on life after weight loss surgery.

Social changes

People may react to you differently after weight loss surgery. You might find that you receive more attention than you used to, which you may enjoy or feel self-conscious about. Becoming the center of attention and being asked a lot of questions might also make you feel uneasy. It’s best to prepare for these situations with an explanation that includes as much or as little as you feel like sharing.

The experience is different for everyone, as you’ll encounter some people who are extremely supportive and others who may make negative comments (“You took the easy way out” or “You didn’t have to work at it like I do”). You may also find it difficult to navigate some relationships once centered on old habits that may have led to weight gain. You can still go out with friends, but you’ll need to modify what you eat and drink. Be prepared for other people’s reactions – both positive and negative – and don’t let rude comments diminish the hard work you’ve put in, especially since you are still improving your body.

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Mental changes

If you were self-conscious about your weight before, you may find that you enjoy wearing more stylish clothes and feeling confident. Use your new lease on life as motivation to try different activities, which can give you a jump-start toward making other positive changes in your life.

However, be aware that although weight loss surgery can bring some tremendous benefits to your life, it won’t solve every problem. It’s not a cure-all! With that in mind, stay strong and realize that there may be times when you still feel unhappy or less than confident after your surgery.

For more information about weight loss surgery and what to expect afterward, contact BMI of Texas. We offer several different types of weight loss surgery options as well as dietitians and psychology staff to help you through the journey. Additionally, our fitness center can help you navigate the physical and mental changes you’ll face after weight loss surgery.

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