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Successfully slimming down with our Center for Medical Weight Loss in San Antonio

BMI is committed to helping our patients achieve success in their battle against obesity, utilizing a variety of proven methods including doctor-supervised weight loss. We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jennifer Seger, a certified family medicine physician, is now offering medical consultations at BMI of Texas for obese patients who want to lose weight and improve their overall health.

Our San Antonio medical weight loss program will start with a consultation with Dr. Seger that includes a thorough patient interview aimed at pinpointing the development of obesity for that particular individual and the factors that may have contributed to it. We understand so much more about obesity now than we did even 10 years ago, and this consultation will teach patients what the medical profession has learned.

Obesity is a multifactorial disease, resulting from a combination of genetics, diet, activity, medications, underlying diseases, and the mind itself.

Being a family practice physician dedicated to the promotion of health and disease prevention, Dr. Seger is in a unique position to understand how all of these factors interplay and can lead to obesity. Her specialty training equips her with the knowledge, skills, and desire to address each component.

In addition to putting together a thorough patient history, a focused physical exam and lab work will be performed, unless the patient has recently had labs done by another physician. It is important to determine a patient’s baseline lab values and identify underlying undiagnosed diseases. BMI will monitor these values periodically for signs of improvement or decline.

Understanding that each patient is unique with his or her own set of obstacles, obligations and abilities is critical to developing a fitness plan that works. Dr. Seger will help patients determine an exercise program that is both realistic and effective in order to achieve medical weight loss. In addition, Dr. Seger will sometimes prescribe medications to aid in appetite suppression, mood stabilization and insulin resistance. These medications will be monitored on a monthly basis.

It is highly recommended that each patient complete a metabolic and physical fitness assessment conducted by licensed trainer. This can generally be done at the patient’s current fitness center, or we can refer you to the Foundation Healthplex Gym near our center for medical weight loss in San Antonio. Not only will this help you determine your target heart rate for burning fat, but the trainer will recommend a safe, realistic exercise program to maximize your potential.

Upon completion of the initial visit with Dr. Seger, patients will then see our registered dietitian for a complete nutrition assessment and meal plan that is customized to meet each patient’s individual needs. It is important to bring in a food journal reflecting a minimum of three days’ worth of information so that the dietitian can see exactly what the patient’s diet typically includes.

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Why Trust Us with Your Weight Loss Journey

When you come to our weight loss clinic San Antonio office, our team is dedicated to working closely with you on creating a successful treatment plan. If you’re like many other people, you’ve struggled to find a way to lose weight on your own, finding it nearly impossible to be successful at fad diets and working out alone. With our customized treatment options, we can provide you with the care you need to turn the corner.

What makes BMI and Dr. Seger different is our commitment to finding the solution for you. We don’t offer a basic diet plan for everyone. We learn about your needs and customize them to achieve your best outcome. It’s okay to stumble and struggle. We understand you have many needs and concerns. That’s why our customized weight loss support program is always fitted to your needs.

Why Other Weight Loss Programs Fail

We promote a holistic, whole body-based treatment plan for weight loss. When you meet with our weight loss doctors in San Antonio, we learn about your needs, customize your treatment and support you on your path. Traditional diets and fad diets often fail because they apply a standard method for weight loss to all people.

The problem with this is that most people need different calorie allotments. Some people need more protein in their diet because they spend a lot of time working out. Others need a low-fat diet to protect their heart health. Fad diets are unsustainable. It’s unlikely that you will never eat bread again, for example. These diets typically fail, then, because most people cannot continue with them long term to maintain the weight loss they see initially.

With BMI, we take into consideration your unique needs. This includes your genetic makeup, your activity levels and your food intake. We factor in other things that make you unique, such as your medications and your underlying disease. We even consider factors related to your mental health and emotional well-being. By focusing on all of these areas, we can create a treatment plan that’s not just successful for you, but also one that’s easier for you to follow.

Tackling Your Weight Now Could Save Your Life

It is not easy to make the change toward improving your health. At BMI, many patients struggle with this initial step because it means changing their lifestyle and alerting what feels “good” and normal right now. Yet, the longer you remain overweight or obese, the more damage it will do to your health, including your heart and brain. Excessive weight is tied to a shorter lifespan. Yet, making the change to reverse this now can empower you to prevent some of these risks.

What Are the Benefits of Working With Dr. Seger and BMI?

When you work with our team for your weight loss journey, you’ll see significant changes in your life and your outcome. Here’s a closer look at some of them.

Learn What You Need to Do to Burn Fat

When you meet with our trainer and complete a metabolic and physical fitness assessment, you’ll receive specific steps and goals to achieve to help you burn fat. Like everything else, this differs from one person to the next. Our trainer will give you a specific, but very easy to follow exercise regimen to help you succeed.

Find Out if Medications Can Speed Up Your Weight Loss

We don’t focus on medications as a core way of helping you to lose weight. Rather, we work to use them as a way to stabilize your health as necessary. This includes working as appetite suppression and insulin resistance. In addition to this, we may encourage mood stabilization medications. By addressing these obstacles first, your diet and exercise programs can be successful. Some patients may not need this type of support, and it is never a requirement of our weight management program.

We Tackle the Unknown Health Factors Limiting Your Success

Another key area of concern for nearly all people who are obese is undiagnosed health problems. This includes conditions like diabetes or thyroid disease. By running blood tests and labs, we can determine if there are any underlying health conditions limiting your ability to get healthy. You’ll find our team is here to support you if you do have any type of health condition that requires ongoing care.

You Can Get More Advanced Help If You Need It

Some of our patients focus just on medical weight loss from the standpoint of diet and exercise. They see outstanding success like this. Others know that this is one step toward weight loss surgery or more advanced treatment options. When you enroll in our weight loss management programs, we can begin to provide you with the tools and resources to help you prepare for surgery if it’s necessary later.

You’ll Feel Empowered

If you are frustrated and overwhelmed right now with your weight loss efforts, it is not going to get better until you take a step outside of the methods you are using right now. When you have a customized treatment plan designed by our weight loss doctors in San Antonio, you can trust that you’ll have the best tools to support your efforts. This can be empowering, motivating, and just what you need to make a big change. Let our team help you to achieve these goals.

Small Changes Today Lead to Big Results Later

Whether you are confident that BMI can help you or not, one key thing is important to remember: Our customized approach gives you the best chance at improving your overall health and quality of life using natural, whole-body treatment. We encourage you to contact our team of doctors today to learn more about the ways treatment can help you. Medical weight management is an opportunity to take back your health. Dr. Seger and our team at BMI of Texas wants to support you on this journey to improvement.

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