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FAQ: How weight loss surgery can affect pregnancy

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March 10, 2016

FAQ: How weight loss surgery can affect pregnancy

Weight loss surgery does not hurt your chances of future pregnancies, though you will want to wait a year after your surgery to start trying.

At BMI of Texas, we get asked a lot of questions about gastric bypass and weight loss surgery. One of the most frequent questions from our younger female patients is how weight loss surgery will affect their ability to become pregnant. The short answer: It doesn’t really! A post-surgery pregnancy can be safe and healthy as long as it is managed well by you and your doctor.

The long answer is this:

Most doctors agree that weight loss surgery doesn’t present an obvious complication for women who are looking to get pregnant. Obviously, surgery during pregnancy is not an option, but for women who are obese, weight loss surgery can protect them and their future babies from obesity-related issues like preeclampsia, high blood pressure, chest infections, carpal tunnel syndrome, symphysis-pubis dysfunction and gestational diabetes.

Weight loss surgery can help increase your fertility and ensure a safer and more comfortable pregnancy!

Some studies have shown that bariatric surgery can actually result in a sudden boost in your fertility, as overweight men and women report more fertility problems than their non-obese counterparts. Many obese women note that the inconsistent ovulation they experienced pre-surgery becomes regular for the first time in their lives post-surgery. This regular schedule helps couples plan for conception much more easily.

All of this is good news for those of you looking to conceive in the future. We do recommend that our patients wait 12–18 months after their procedure to become pregnant, as during that time period, your body is adjusting to your new lifestyle, its new limitations, and the way it ingests and stores nutrients.

If you’re still worried about how bariatric surgery will affect your future pregnancies, make sure to ask your doctor or clinical staff for more information.

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