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Celebrating Weight Loss Success Stories

Before and After BMI

Join us and our patients on their transformative journeys through our bariatric surgery success stories. At BMI of Texas, we pride ourselves on supporting each individual’s path to success, in their own unique ways. Individual results may vary.

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Sarah Before BMI of TexasSarah After BMI of Texas


I’ve been overweight my whole life and always wished I could have surgery to help me. I found out my husbands insurance approved it and took the leap before I could talk myself out of it. I have family history of diabetes and heart conditions and I didn’t want to wait till it was too late and I developed them as well. Everyone at BMI is amazing! I know that they care for their patients and believe in us and what we can achieve. The front office is incredibly helpful and polite, the medical staff is super knowledgeable and always available for any questions, and everyone is so supportive!

My life now is AMAZING! I am running and enjoying it, I can keep up with my toddler with no problem, and I don’t take any blood pressure medicine and have healthy labs! I am so confident in myself, my strength, and my health. It’s an amazing feeling that is hard to put into words.

Samantha Before BMI of TexasSamantha After BMI of Texas


I had anxiety, depression, back pain that I was on multiple medications for. I could not walk very far without getting winded and needing a relief inhaler. I was becoming close to being a type two diabetic. I was on the verge of high cholesterol. I knew I needed to do this for myself because I wanted to be healthy.

Christa has been there for me through thick and thin. Every step of the way. She has been so supportive even when I was having my lows she was there to help pick myself back up. Clarissa is the best dietitian I have ever worked with. She can come up with the
most amazing tricks to satisfy a craving. She also does not put you down for having a slip up! She says just try harder and it will be ok. I felt completely safe and comfortable in all these people’s hands. I can not express how thankful I am to these people and the countless MAs.

Tammy Before BMI of TexasTammy After BMI of Texas


Before my weight loss journey began I was overweight I was eating anything and everything that wasn’t good for me. I was on the verge of being diabetic my blood pressure was out of control and I just felt horrible. I was not able to walk long distance without getting out of breath. Since my surgery I have started living a healthier lifestyle. This surgery gave me the right tools to cook healthy meals. Overall health is amazing now. I sleep a lot better and I have more energy than I’ve ever had in the last 30 years. If I had to do it all over again I would! Thank you BMI for giving me my life back again.

Thomas Before BMI of TexasThomas After BMI of Texas


I had considered weight loss surgery in the past, when I got the pre diabetic news I decided to go through with the surgery and began the journey. Staff and doctors were knowledgeable and explained everything in detail. Together we discussed possible options and pros and cons for each. I’m 7 months post op and am down 105 lbs.

Richard Before BMI of TexasRichard After BMI of Texas


Fantastic great staff always made you feel comfortable and always had a answer for me.

Now able to do many outdoor activities , more active, walk 6 miles a day, ride a bike and enjoy my love ones

Omar Before BMI of TexasOmar After BMI of Texas


My old weight stop me from being active with my family and was constantly tired. I was borderline diabetic, high blood pressure and on a Bi-pap machine. I put off the decision to get the surgery because I was afraid of the operation. I wanted to change my life and be back to the way I use to be.

It was an awesome experience. They were there every step of the way.

Louise Before BMI of TexasLouise After BMI of Texas


I had been wanting weight loss surgery since I was in my 20s when I first started hearing about it but when my back issues got so bad that I could no longer work, I knew it was now time and had to be done quickly. BMI of Texas has been such a wonderful group to work with. Everyone from start to finish went out of their way to make this surgery possible for me and get me back to work and back to living and loving my life.

I have so much energy now!!!

Lea Before BMI of TexasLea After BMI of Texas


I had been trying all types of diets without success for many years. I would stay home alot due to the fact that I was always tired because of how heavy I became. I finally decided that I was important and couldn’t be putting everyone before me. I needed to get healthy!!

The very 1st time I called BMI, the staff was very informative and friendly. They answered all my questions and made my appointment. It’s been 6 months since surgery and I’m extremely happy that I chose BMI. The staff goes beyond what they need to in order to make sure I am informed, up to date, courteous and always listen to my concerns.

Jill Before BMI of TexasJill After BMI of Texas


In January 2021 I started actively trying to lose weight. I saw a nutritionist, I joined a gym, but the weight wasn’t coming off. Several up and down months of trying led me to calling BMI for help. From the very beginning it was like a dream come true. At times I felt like I didn’t need the surgery because I was too “thin”. I took the checklist and ran with it. I wanted to get this surgery asap. BMI was and still is very helpful.

Now? Now I’m healthy! My weight is still getting there, that will happen over time. My health though?! No more high blood pressure, fatty liver-normal, no more high cholesterol, diabetes is in check, so well I think I’m in remission. My bloodwork is perfect in every way. That was my goal.

Cristina Before BMI of TexasCristina After BMI of Texas


Before losing weight I couldn’t play with my students during recess or sit on the floor to teach small group instruction. I left school feeling fatigued and never had energy to do anything else after work.

I waited a year before finally reaching out to BMI. I tried so hard on my own to lose the weight but nothing seemed to work for me. What finally made me decide to go for it was when I realized my legs would fall asleep as soon as I would sit on the floor and the day I walked the stage for my Masters degree.

Working with the BMI team has been amazing. The support and encouragement since the day I called. They answered any and all questions I had and continue to have. I know that if I ever have a question they are always a phone call away.

Ashley Before BMI of TexasAshley After BMI of Texas


I thought about weight loss surgery daily for over a year before making my initial appointment. Finally after seeing photos of myself and crying because I was so unhappy with the way I looked in them, I decided that was it and I was going to do something about it.

The team at BMI did a wonderful job helping me through the entire process. I felt well taken care of from the start of it all and still do! Since having weight loss surgery and losing over 100 pounds I have experienced things I wouldn’t have allowed myself to before.