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Non-Surgical Options

Before and After BMI

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy 

As we age, our bodies produce fewer hormones and can lead to a variety of distressing symptoms—fortunately bio-identical hormone replacement is a safe and effective option to help manage these challenges, including: 

  • General health and Quality of Life influences: cardiovascular function, metabolism, optimizing lean body tissue (muscle mass and bone density), energy, mood, sleep, mental clarity/sharpness 
  • Sexuality and sexual health— for women: vaginal lubrication/or dryness; for men: erectile function, including presence of morning erections, and strength of erection during intercourse;  for both men and women: libido or desire for sex and intimacy, as well as ability to achieve orgasm  

How to Get Started 

  • Have a consultation/evaluation for suitability for BHRT including medical history, lab evaluation and symptom score sheet. Risks, Benefits, and Cost of Treatment will be addressed at this visit. 
  • After all data reviewed, dosing parameters will be determined.  
  • Schedule hormone pellet insertion procedure: sterile in office procedure where hormone pellets are implanted under the skin of the buttock 
  • Process is typically repeated every 3 months for women, and every 6 months for men 

Anti-Obesity Medication/Lifestyle Management 

For patients struggling to achieve their health and weight loss goals, or those who have regained weight after bariatric surgery, we offer assistance and tools to optimize health and quality of life. These tools include individualized plans such as: 

  • Anti-Obesity Medications 
  • Specialized dietary interventions 
  • Sleep evaluation and interventions 
  • Thyroid and Hormone optimization 
  • Behavioral Health/counseling for stress reduction, tools for managing the challenges of life 
  • Motivation, Accountability and Encouragement 

Adjustable Gastric Band (Lap-Band/Realize Band) Adjustments and Management 

If you have an Adjustable Gastric Band in place and are in need of band evaluation and management, we can help by offering: 

  • In office fluoroscopy (Upper GI  X Ray) to evaluate band position, esophageal function, presence of reflux, size of outlet—this should be performed at least annually for all patients with adjustable gastric bands 
  • Band adjustments as necessary: either fluid removal for overtightened bands or addition of fluid for further weight loss if appropriate 
  • Consultation for possible band removal (explant) +/- revision to more durable bariatric procedure for patients experiencing trouble with their bands.