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Before and After BMI

Choosing your operation:

We believe the choice of bariatric surgery with BMI of Texas is a very personal one. We will guide you in this process, but ultimately the final decision is yours to make. Everyone is different. All of the operations have shown to be successful. The best results are achieved when a patient is able to choose the right tool for them.

Don’t see the question you’re looking for? BMI of Texas has gathered their most commonly asked questions during the free informational seminars and compiled them in the Media Center. Please click here to view our most frequently asked questions!

    • What is BMI?

    • What can I expect to lose after my surgery?

    • What are the risks of surgery?

    • Why do I have to see a dietitian and a psychologist?

    • How long does it take after seminar until I get to have the surgery?

    • What will my diet be like after surgery?

    • How is the band adjusted?

  • What to Expect?

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