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Tools and Resources – Adults

While this site provides you with a large amount of information, we feel it is important that our patients do as much research as possible. We have compiled a list of sites that we feel to be helpful tools to your weight loss journey, and understanding your options.

Generally Helpful Websites

MyFitnessPal – Our preferred food journal.
Dr. Jenny Seger – Dr. Jenny uses a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to provide both healthy weight management and long-term weight maintenance, in addition to optimizing overall health and wellness, helping patients live their best lives. – Newly founded non-profit organization (highly recommended) dedicated to reducing the economic and social burden of obesity and obesity-related chronic disease by improving the quality of science in nutrition and obesity research. – Blog by long term low-carber, Jimmy Moore, who has dedicated his life to the education and promotion of health and nutrition, specifically as it pertains to carbohydrate restriction. – Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt of Sweden who is leading the low carb movement in his country has a fantastic, informative, fact based blog/website. – Dr. Peter Attia’s website/blog. – Answers the question of why we eat what we eat. – Tom Naughton’s website/blog: “You’ve been fed a lot of bologna.” – Nutrition and Metabolism Society –dedicated to fighting the misinformation about the effectiveness of using carbohydrate restriction to combat diabetes and obesity. – Great website full of scientific and practical information for low carb lifestyle. – Compilation of interviews with experts in field of nutrition, fitness, health, and wellness.
FitCitySA – join the mayors council to keep SA healthy!

Recipe Websites – “HOLD THE TOAST” – Great website full of useful recipes, cooking tips, meal planning—all oriented toward carbohydrate restriction. – Linda’s Low Carb Menus & Recipes. Great Recipes, links, stories, menus, time saving tips, etc. – Chef George Stella transformed not only his life but his family’s by immersing himself into learning to prepare healthy, low carb meals that taste fantastic., – fantastic recipes, inspirational and motivation information

Advocacy and Professional Organizations – The American Society of Bariatric Physicians – Support website for patients with obesity – Advocacy group dedicated to helping patients with obesity – The Obesity Society