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Comprehensive Lifestyle Approach

At BMI of Texas, we believe in providing every safe and effective tool we have available in order to help patients overcome obesity and metabolic disease. This includes:

  • the latest in nutrition and dietary science
  • physical activity and exercise guidance
  • identification of medications which may be contributing to weight gain
  • diagnosis of diseases associated with excess body fat and optimizing therapy
  • optimization sleep quality and quantity
  • management of stress and other behavioral health needs
  • use of medications to help control appetite/cravings/metabolism
  • surgical intervention

Two women dietitians at BMI of Texas discussing nutritional contents on a product labelNew medical weight loss patients are asked to attend a seminar, which provides an overview of what led to our nation’s obesity epidemic, explains the causes of obesity and outlines our treatment approach. The patient will then have a one-on-one appointment, lasting approximately one hour, to review the patient’s medical history, diet and lifestyle, complete a focused physical exam, have an EKG, and body composition using two different modalities: impedance and Dexa.

The patient will also have a 30 minute appointment with one of our registered dietitians who will help determine specific challenges for the patient when it comes to eating healthy and an individualized dietary plan will be provided which meets the patient’s needs, satisfies his/her food preferences, and fits with his/her particular lifestyle challenges.

New Surgical weight loss patients will begin watching our free online seminar on this website or on our app which can be downloaded to your smartphone. The patient will then schedule a new patient appointment with a weight loss surgeon. This appointment will last about 1-1.5 hours. After a thorough history and physical examination, you and your surgeon will discuss which operation is best for you. You will undergo a series of tests including a dexa body composition scan. You will then meet with your patient advocate who will help you schedule any needed appointments and complete any requirements set forth by your insurance company. After this appointment you will have a clear idea of what needs to be done prior to surgery as well as an expected time line of events leading up to your operation.

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