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As I was fast approaching my 40th birthday, I was longing to lose the extra 30+ pounds that had slowly crept on since the birth of my kids. I began to wonder, was this weight gain just something that I had to except as I approached my menopausal years? That’s when I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Jenny Seger. Dr. Seger helped me understand the science of nutrition and how eating the right types of food would not only help me reach my weight loss goal, it would also help shed the visceral fat that had slowly built up inside my abdomen. I was fascinated by the technology that she used to measure this type of fat and was very motivated to get my numbers within normal range for my health both inside and out! At that moment, losing weight was not just cosmetic for me… was something that I could do to reduce my chance of developing other health problems down the road – diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. In just the first month of following Dr. Seger’s plan, I began to see results and was so proud to see the pounds beginning to drop. 4 months later, I am just a few pounds from my goal weight and couldn’t be happier. What Dr. Seger has taught me as positively impacted my entire family (my kids and husband are eating much better these days) and for that I am forever grateful!

*Individual results may vary


When I first met Dr Jenny, I was desperate. I had tried to lose the “baby weight” from three pregnancies for a long time and had been unsuccessful. A lifetime of weight struggles had me feeling as if it was hopeless, that I would always be heavy. Dr. Jenny taught me new things about food, and not the same old thing I’d heard forever. She taught me the science behind food and our bodies. It was life changing, “Aha!” kinds of things! Understanding the why of it all really helped it click for me. Focusing on protein in my diet drastically changed my eating patterns and helped me realize that the way I’d been eating had been so wrong! Now, 40 pounds down, I feel like a new person. I’m more confidant and happy and truly do not struggle with food choices anymore. Dr. Jenny made it all click for me! Not only has she been a doctor to me, but I consider her a trusted friend and I am extremely grateful to her for changing the path of my future.

*Individual results may vary


Prior to visiting with Dr. Jenny I was contemplating the gastric sleeve surgery but decided to learn more about Dr. Jenny’s program. Upon my first visit with Dr. Jenny I weighed 268 lbs. and was taking 50 units of insulin each day for my diabetes. Dr. Jenny met with me for 3.5 hours to discuss my health history and provided me with nutritional information to review. The information helped me adjust my eating habits and provided suggestions on what foods to avoid. I visit Dr. Jenny every month to discuss my weight loss and set monthly goals. After 6 months, I have lost 30 lbs. and more importantly I am down to only 4 units of insulin per day for my diabetes. I look forward to continuing my weight loss journey with Dr. Jenny and her staff.

*Individual results may vary


I started seeing Dr. Jenny Seger about 8 months ago and since then I have lost over 60 pounds already. I feel better and am healthier than I have ever been before. I look forward to my workout routine as I never had before. I thought that giving up some of my favorite foods such as burger, fries, and chips would be impossible, but I can honestly say I don’t miss them at all. The only regret I have is that it too so long to find out about Dr. Jenny and her weight loss program. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Dr. Jenny for helping me get my life back on track!

*Individual results may vary

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