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Our Unique Approach

At BMI of Texas, our goal is to redefine healthcare by creating meaningful relationships with our patients and the community in order to overcome obesity and metabolic disease in order to improve health and create a better quality of life. In order to effectively treat obesity in San Antonio, we understand our approach needs to be multifaceted, collaborative and should not only involve the medical field, but equally important, public health initiatives. Because obesity is such a complex disease, we believe patients should be offered every available tool which is both safe and effective.

Not every primary care physician has the time or resources to provide the latest scientific information regarding obesity, which includes information about nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, surgical interventions, and medications. When patients come to BMI of Texas, on their own or because of a referral from their doctor, they can expect to learn all about the latest treatments available for obesity in a compassionate and guilt free environment.

Our goal is not just to help patients lower the number on the scale or decrease their clothing size, we truly believe in helping patients make the transition to a healthier lifestyle which will help ensure they not only achieve their weight goals but that they are able to maintain their weight loss long term, decrease and even reverse disease. This leads to not only improved health but an overall better quality of life.

At BMI of Texas, we help a variety of patients, from those needing to lose just a few pounds, to those needing to lose hundreds of pounds. Perhaps even more importantly, we are dedicated to helping patients maintain their health and weight long term. Each patient is unique and has different needs and goals. We pride ourselves on treating people as individuals, thus your experience at BMI will be just that, personalized and tailored to meet your specific needs.

We are dedicated to providing proven, science-based approaches to weight loss, health and wellness.

At BMI of Texas, you will not see gimmicks or unproven modalities which can take advantage of a patient’s feeling of desperation to lose weight and improve their health.

Unlike some weight loss surgeons who may be more focused on making a greater financial profit, our surgeons are committed to doing what is in the best interest of the patient. Additionally, our surgeons do not shy away from taking on complex patients or patients from other practices which is unique. Sometimes patients become disgruntled with their original surgeon for various reasons and are looking for help. We welcome these patients and take them in as though they are one of our own, treating them with the compassion they deserve. Some doctors are not interested in seeing patients for revisions but our surgeons understand that these are often the most complex patients and require extra attention to detail which we are ready and willing to provide.

We are excited to begin helping you reshape your life and look forward to meeting you at BMI of Texas where you’ll find:

  • A team which is dedicated to providing the best care available in a compassionate, guilt free environment
  • Personal patient advocate dedicated to guiding you through the
    pre-operative process
  • Dedicated, motivating dietitians
  • Comprehensive medical weight loss led by a physician certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine
  • Surgeons regularly recognized by their peers as “Top Doctors” in San Antonio
  • Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic surgery
  • Minimally invasive endoscopic revisions –decreases recovery time
  • Incisionless surgical options
  • Robotic Surgery

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