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6 San Antonio Organizations Working Toward Reducing Obesity

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July 9, 2015

6 San Antonio Organizations Working Toward Reducing Obesity

Texas is one of the most overweight states in the country. Based on factors such as body mass index (BMI), type 2 diabetes, money spent on junk food and fast food patronage, Men’s Health magazine ranked San Antonio as the seventh fattest city in America in 2010. (Corpus Christi, El Paso, Dallas and Houston also made the list.)

The good news is that according to the City of San Antonio, the percentage of obese individuals (anyone with a BMI of 31 or higher) dropped from about 35 percent to 29 percent between 2010 and 2012. However, the percentage of the population considered overweight (anyone with a BMI of 26 to 30) increased from 34 percent to 36 percent in the same timeframe. This means a whopping 65 percent of the adult population in our city is either overweight or obese!

Obesity is a serious threat to a person’s well-being, introducing a number of health risks from sleep apnea and arthritis to heart disease and cancer. Here’s a look at six local San Antonio businesses that have opened their eyes to this serious problem and are taking steps toward reducing obesity rates in the city.


Family running together at the YMCA reducing obesity
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With 10 YMCA locations in San Antonio, you and your family have many opportunities to focus on health and wellness. Beyond fitness facilities, the YMCA also offers educational programs to help you make healthier decisions. Come with your whole family to build stronger bonds as you get fit together.

San Antonio Food Bank

Volunteers handing each other organic produce and other food items at the San Antonio Food Bank
Image via San Antonio Food Bank

The Food Bank here in town has been serving up millions of pounds of fresh produce since 1997. The ever-increasing demand for produce has pushed the Food Bank to open a freestanding, fully equipped Produce Shed in Pearsall, about 50 miles southwest of San Antonio. The Food Bank graciously accepts donations from local farmers wishing to help needy families eat healthier.

H-E-B Texas Grocery

H-E-B, a Texas and Louisiana grocery store chain, does more than simply sell organic produce to fight San Antonio obesity. It also has a Health and Wellness program to help customers eat better, move more and live well. Group health classes, kids’ cooking classes and the unique Slim Down Showdown helps employees and customers get excited about making healthy lifestyle changes.

San Antonio Farmers Markets

Organic produce and veggies from the San Antonio Farmer’s Market
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With several farmers markets in San Antonio open every day of the week, you have the chance to shop for local, organic produce close to home. The shared goal of all farmers markets is to bring locally grown goods to the community. You get more nutrients and fewer harmful pesticides when you choose organic produce from San Antonio farmers markets.

Arcade Midtown Kitchen

An amazing scallop meal from the Arcade Midtown Kitchen, one of the restaurants in San Antonio
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Not only does Arcade Midtown Kitchen source its ingredients locally whenever possible, but the chefs know how to artfully showcase farm-to-table entrees. It’s easy when inspiration lies right outside your door; the ever-popular Pearl Brewery’s Farmers Market is just across the street. This restaurant in San Antonio has strong relationships with local farmers, making for some very healthy, delicious dishes.

Clean Plate Restaurant



A beautiful salad from The Clean Plate, one of the restaurants in San Antonio
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This restaurant in San Antonio lives by the phrase, “You are what you eat.” Ingredients are sourced from local, pesticide-free, organic farms whenever possible. The result is a fresh, tasty, nutritionally dense meal that will make you want to clean your plate every time. Plus, the prices are reasonable, so eating well doesn’t require you to splurge.

BMI of Texas is also here to help San Antonio residents who struggle with their weight. Check out what nutrition services and recommendations we offer to help you gain control of your health once and for all.