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8 ways to stay cool in the Texas heat this summer

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June 19, 2017

8 ways to stay cool in the Texas heat this summer

As temperatures soar during San Antonio summers, it’s difficult to stay cool, particularly if you’re overweight. The hot weather can make you want to curtail outdoor activities and stay inside all day. Instead, learn how you can enjoy the outdoors with these 8 ways to stay cool in the heat.

Woman sitting on an inner tube while floating through turbulent water.

Cool off at a water park

You’ll need to reapply sunscreen frequently and take breaks in the shade, but cooling off at a water park is a fun, active way to stay comfortable. San Antonio has several to choose from, including Splashtown and Six Flags’ water park.

One end of a blue pool with silver hand rails.

Hit the pool

Swimming is a great, low-impact exercise that can help you cool off. Even if you don’t have your own backyard or community pool, San Antonio has many outdoor public pools. They’re located throughout the community and are open for the summer season from June 10 to August 13.

Large tree with cascading branches create a shady spot as a way to stay cool in the heat.

Seek the shade

Although it’s still hot in the shade, it’s cooler than being out in the sun. Take a stroll through a shady area in the San Antonio Botanical Garden, Friedrich Wildness Park or another spot with a lot of mature foliage to protect you from the sun’s heat and rays.

Close up of woman’s ankles and shoes while walking down a park path.

Pick your times

Limit outdoor activities around midday.Instead, get outside early in the morning or in the evening – which gets easier in the summer since it doesn’t get dark until later. If you’re walking or pursuing another form of outdoor exercise or activity, start slowly and gradually pick up your pace, and if it’s hot, don’t exercise as hard. You’ll also need to take more frequent rest breaks.

Three cold glasses of water surrounded by ice and leaves sitting on a blue cloth.

Drink plenty of water

When the weather heats up, you’ll need to increase the amount of water you drink. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty, especially if you’re outside in the heat. Instead, make sure to drink water before, during, and after your time outside. Heat-related illness is a serious danger, and drinking water will keep you cooler and well hydrated. Regularly drinking water assists your body in better regulating its core temperature.

Green athletic shirt, black athletic shorts, tennis shoes, and phone cover laid out.

Wear the right clothing

Dress appropriately for the weather. Loose, breathable, lightweight and light-colored clothing will help keep you as cool as possible. Clothing made from cotton generally breathes better than synthetic fabrics, and you’ll also want to wear a hat for further protection from the sun.

Woman putting hand to forehead with towel around neck and blue sky in the background.

Don’t wipe your sweat away

When it’s allowed to evaporate, sweat can cool your body. If you sweat while you’re outside, you may be tempted to wipe it off, but it’s best to let it evaporate on its own. You can jump-start the process by giving yourself a quick mist of water from a spray bottle before heading outside.

Woman holding cooling pad to neck as a way to stay cool in the heat.

Know your body’s best cooling points

If you can’t easily get out of the heat, try applying a paper towel soaked in cold water or a cold water bottle to your body’s best cooling points – your wrists and neck.Applying something cold to these areas will help you feel cool more quickly.

Take your time and try out each of these ways to stay cool in the heat. To learn more about the benefits of being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine, check out our Vitamin D blog!