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5 Male Celebrities Who Have Had Life-Changing Weight Loss Surgery

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June 24, 2015

5 Male Celebrities Who Have Had Life-Changing Weight Loss Surgery

When considering weight loss surgery options, it’s helpful to take a look at the success stories of those who have gone before you. With this in mind, here are five celebrity weight loss stories featuring men who had bariatric weight loss surgery and never looked back:

Randy Jackson Used Gastric Bypass to Combat Diabetes

Image of Randy Jackson after gastric bypass surgery

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Growing up in the South, where rich foods reign supreme, then adopting a lifestyle of less-than-ideal food choices on the road as a bassist and judge on American Idol, Randy Jackson found himself tipping the scales at 350 pounds. He tried a number of weight loss plans and fad diets – and abandoned them. It was a diagnosis of Type II diabetes that inspired Jackson to undergo gastric bypass surgery in 2003. Now, after losing 110 pounds, he manages his diabetes through diet and exercise rather than through medication.

John Popper’s Gastric Bypass Reduced His Weight by Half
Image of John Popper after gastric bypass surgery

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At more than 400 pounds, Blues Traveler front man John Popper experienced the adverse side effects of obesity. Things came to a head when he suffered a heart attack due to 95 percent blockage in all arteries. Gastric bypass surgery in 2000 resulted in his losing 200 pounds, which he has kept off in the years since.

Gastric Sleeve Allows Graham Elliot to Continue His Career
Image of Graham Elliot after gastric sleeve

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Imagine spending your days literally surrounded by food. This is how celebrity chef Graham Elliot’s life looks – and why he opted for gastric sleeve surgery to lose 150 pounds. When reviewing weight loss surgery options, he knew that this was the answer for him. Elliot can still taste the incredible dishes he judges on Master Chef while enjoying the benefits of weight loss, such as fulfilling his pre-surgical goal of becoming an avid runner.

Rex Ryan Enjoying Lap Band Surgery Success
Image of Rex Ryan after lap band surgery

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Coaching in the NFL takes energy – and that’s one thing Rex Ryan now has in spades. After topping out at 348 pounds, Ryan chose lap band surgery from the list of possible weight loss surgery options. This procedure made the most sense to him as it requires relatively little recovery time (he claims to have been back at work the day after surgery) and can be reversed down the line should he choose to have the band removed. He reported to Fox News after losing 120 pounds that this surgery has allowed him to get back in touch with his body’s cues, and that he can now stop eating once he starts to feel full, which is key for long-term success.

Paul Wall’s Healthy Life Post-Surgery
Image of Paul Wall after bariatric weight loss surgery

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While performing onstage, rapper Paul Wall was running out of breath and losing his voice. He had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He knew that he wanted to set a better example for his children. This is what motivated Wall to have gastric sleeve surgery in 2010, which led to a 130-pound weight loss. Now, living a healthier lifestyle full of organic food and exercise, he wants to set an example for others in the hip-hop community for whom excess weight can often be a problem.

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