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November: Month of the turkey

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December 1, 2015

November: Month of the turkey

Parts of a turkey and their culinary uses

When you look at the nutritional value of turkey, you might wonder why so many people eat it just once a year! Most generally only consider the dish during Thanksgiving because of the labor-intensive preparation that goes into it, but the incredible health benefits of turkey make it a perfect substitute for other proteins year round. Rich nutrients in both the light and dark meat like iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, niacin and B6 help make turkey an optimal choice for healthy, low-carb diets. Even when compared to beef and pork, it’s higher in protein, and lower in calories. This is one bird that should not only be considered a substitute, but a first choice when it comes to healthy protein selections.

How to easily make turkey part of your diet

Nobody wants to roast a turkey every week, but believe it or not, turkey isn’t just a course destined to be served in your dining room. Turkey products have been appearing on restaurant menus for years now. Next time you’re out to eat you may notice turkey burgers, sausage and even bacon! The simple decision to choose a turkey-based product rather than its beef or pork counterpart is always a healthier, and in many ways, tastier choice.

But what about when it comes time to prepare your own meals? It’s already been established that no one wants to be roasting turkey on a weekly basis. You’ll find that ground turkey is a great alternative. Making your own turkey meatballs, turkey loaf, turkey burgers or any other turkey-based dish is just as easy as it would be with any other meat.

Turkey also gives you an opportunity to be more creative in the kitchen. You will want to add more of a binding ingredient to keep everything together. And most importantly, you should use and experiment with additional seasonings and spices to help boost the palate appeal of your dish.

Turkey deserves to be not only the star of your holiday table but a supporting player in your healthy eating all year long. It is such a versatile protein that it can be prepared in any number of different ways, for nearly any type of diet. The many benefits of turkey nutrition make this Thanksgiving bird one of the most reliable components for a tasty, healthy weight loss regiment.

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