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May 14, 2010

Boost Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is the sum of everything your body does. Each time you eat, enzymes in your body’s cells break down the food and turn it into energy that keeps your heart beating, your mind working, and your body going through a workout. It is pretty much your own personal trainer always working to help you shed […]

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Common Diet Mistakes I Used To Make

I Really Simplified Healthy Back in college, when I was heading toward gaining the freshman 15, I decided I needed to do something about it. At the time, the big thing was going as fat-free as possible to lose weight; a gram of fat was considered the enemy. I ate a ton of fat free cereal, pretzels, […]

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Jalapenos Should Be on Your Grocery List

Living in San Antonio (and loving the local cuisine) you don’t pay much attention to the fact that most of the dishes revolve around jalapeno and other chili peppers. We all just know we like it! But, fast food chains and places all around the country have caught on to the fact that Americans love […]

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A Few Reasons You’re Still Hungry, Even After You Just Ate!

Do you still feel famished even though you just finished a big lunch or dinner? Research is finding that the reason for this is that some food ingredients can trick our bodies into not recognizing that we are full. This leads to “rebound hunger”, more eating, and adds inches to our waistlines. Below are some findings and suggestions […]

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The Pesky Weight Gain Culprit…Sugar

I often have people tell me that they have cut sweets out of their diet and sworn off sugar. The problem is that sugar is everywhere, not just in candy, sodas, and desserts. Sugar is in all refined carbohydrates-bread, rice, pasta, beer and milk. For example, during digestion, one slice of white bread is converted into the same […]

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Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Working with weight loss clients, I often hear, “Eating healthy is expensive”. It is true that if you buy “fat free” cookies, these are more expensive than regular cookies; however, the healthiest foods such as vegetables, fruits, heart healthy protein items, beans, and whole grains are the least expensive items in the store. The least processed foods […]

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Motivation Tips

I had always enjoyed being active and working out (nuts right?). It is easy when you are young and involved in activities you love, like dancing or team sports. It is a whole other story when you grow up and have to try to squeeze a treadmill workout (yuck) between work and family obligations. Which has been my […]

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Grocery Shopping Mistakes That Could Stall Your Weight Loss Results

With so many messages out there about what makes a food “healthy” it is easy to get confused. Below is a list of foods that despite the best of intentions can trip you up and prevent you from seeing results. Here’s why and suggestions on what to reach for instead: In the Dairy Aisle Mistake:Buying 2% milk […]

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Super Bowl Game-Day Party Made Delicious and Healthier

Super Bowl Sunday is here and we all know it isn’t just about the game, it’s about the food! The usual store-bought snacks and take-out food are loaded with fat and sodium. Whether you’re rooting for the Colts or the Saints (Go Saints!!) or if you’re just in it for the commercials, score a culinary touchdown with […]

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Eating Healthy at the San Antonio Rodeo is Possible

Step right up and get your fried food on a stick with a side of fat with it! I know what you are thinking, it is impossible to eat healthy where almost everything is deep-fried. Honestly the San Antonio Rodeo is not an easy place to be when you are on a diet or trying to eat healthfully. With such […]

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