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Reasons to avoid intermittent fasting

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August 18, 2014

Reasons to avoid intermittent fasting

If you walk by any magazine rack you will see celebrity fad diets and “how they lost that weight so fast!” One of the latest trends to hit the scene is intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting involves dramatically cutting down what you eat and going for long periods without ingesting anything at all. There are a number of different intermittent fasting plans around, such as the recently popular 5:2 Diet. Fans of the intermittent fasting approach can go between 12 and 48 hours consuming little to no calories two day a week and then eat whatever they want the other five days. It’s important to note that this tactic may not be suitable for everyone and can lead to rebound effects such as overeating on the non-fasting days. Due to the potential dangers, Cynthia Sass outlines four reasons that you should avoid intermittent fasting. As for us at BMI of Texas, we still firmly believe in eating 3-5 small, low-carb meals every day.



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