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Singing the praises of fat

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November 23, 2011

Singing the praises of fat

Great article from CBS News about nutritionists who believe that fat isn’t so bad for you after all. Click here to read it (excerpt follows….)

We all know the downside of eating too many calories and too much fat … or do we? What if we were to tell you that many nutritionists now believe that fat isn’t so bad for you after all? Would you offer up a prayer of Thanksgiving, or simply say FAT CHANCE? Please withhold your judgment until you’ve seen Rita Braver’s Cover Story:


In a kitchen in Toronto, the fat is on the fire … sizzling, baking, bubbling …

“I’m happy to be the ‘fat lady,'” That’s what I call myself, and it always gets a laugh,” said chef Jennifer McLagen. “But I wanna point out that by eating fat you’re not going to get fat. I’m an example of that!”

McLagan says people eat less of fatty foods because they’re more filling, and she calls fat the “misunderstood” ingredient.

“We all think of phrases like a ‘tub of lard,'” said Braver, “that sounds sort of big and bulky and disgusting.”

“Lard [is] really a four-letter word,” McLagen laughed. “You know, it doesn’t sound that good. But it’s a shame because it’s a fabulous fat.”

Click here to read the entire article and see the video.