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Get to know the benefits of picking paleo as your new diet

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January 29, 2018

Get to know the benefits of picking paleo as your new diet

Display of eggs, carrots, tomatoes and other vegetables, with a sign reading “Paleo Diet.

As you strive to become healthier, you may have heard about paleo diet benefits. The paleo diet is regarded as one of the healthiest options out there because it is focused on your genetics and is effective at keeping you lean, strong and full of energy. Based on a Stone Age diet, it aims to recreate what a “caveman” would eat back in those days to remain strong and healthy.

Essentially, the paleo diet is focused on fruits, meats, vegetables and seafood that contain the same nutritional value as foods that were consumed 1,000 years ago. It is based on recreating the nutritional backbone that falls in line with our evolution and genetics.

Nuts, salmon, meats, avocado, tomatoes gathered in the shape of a heart.

The benefits of a paleo diet

As opposed to other diets that are newer and not time-tested, the paleo diet is based off years of evolution and nutritional value, and many scientific tests have proven its nutritional and health benefits over the years. Some of the most significant paleo diet benefits include:

Healthy body cells

The cells in your body are partly composed of both saturated and unsaturated fats. These fats are important in transmitting signals between cells and allowing our bodies to communicate and react effectively to internal and external stimuli.

The paleo diet suggests both types of fats in healthy amounts and allows you to build cell health over time.

Stronger muscles

The paleo diet emphasizes animal flesh intake, which results in the consumption of healthy amounts of protein. Proteins are otherwise known as the “building blocks of life” because they are the primary material that forms cells and other internal body organs, and are responsible for many critical functions.

The paleo diet’s emphasis on protein intake leads to healthier muscles and the reduction of fat. This also boosts metabolism, ensuring you burn more calories and remain energetic.

Prevention of Type II diabetes

Another of the paleo diet benefits involves reversing signs and symptoms of insulin resistance. In fact, the diet has been shown to be more effective at repressing insulin resistance than similar approaches, such as the Mediterranean diet.

This is because the dietary components of paleo are based on an all-rounded bodybuilding principle that boosts the immune system, cell response and organ functionality. Paleo also enhances digestive health and prevents the notorious leaky gut syndrome.

Bowl of avocado, lettuce and vegetables to represent paleo diet benefits.

What should you eat?

The biggest fascination with the paleo diet is determining what you can and cannot eat. The paleo diet aims to emulate a typical Stone Age menu, when food came straight from the earth with no processing or addition of chemicals/additives. The following core elements should be included:

A diverse intake of proteins

You should eat proteins from a wide variety of animal sources to ensure a balanced diet. Don’t avoid the fatty sections of meat, and consume a fair share of organ meats, collagen sources and bone broth.

Saturated and unsaturated fats

A careful balance between fats is critical to a successful paleo diet, which means including nuts, avocados, seeds, fish oil and olive oil in your diet. These fats are important in reducing obesity, diabetes and heart disease, among others.

Reduced intake of processed foods

Processed foods that come in boxes, jars or bags should be avoided, including dairy products, legumes (peanuts, beans, soybeans), processed sugars and grains.

Are you ready to take your diet back thousands of years to improve your health and lifestyle? If you need help taking advantage of these paleo diet benefits, a BMI of Texas dietitian will be happy to consult with you!