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Motivation Tips

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May 14, 2010

Motivation Tips

I had always enjoyed being active and working out (nuts right?). It is easy when you are young and involved in activities you love, like dancing or team sports. It is a whole other story when you grow up and have to try to squeeze a treadmill workout (yuck) between work and family obligations. Which has been my problem the past few months, working out just is not appealing anymore. A gym membership helps you get in shape only when you use it right? I am in the same boat as most of my clients that I see and need some ideas to get me off of my butt and into the gym. Below I have some motivation tips I found from various top fitness experts.

1.  Find a gym that meets your needs and makes you feel welcome. If you join a place that intimidates you, chances are you won’t go very often.

2. Find a picture of someone in your family whom you don’t want to end up looking like. On the days you don’t feel like exercising, look at the picture until you change your mind.

3. Plan to get to the gym when your favorite TV show or game is on. This way you’ll be able to watch it (from the treadmill) without your family interrupting you.

4. Write down your reasons for getting fit and keep it in your pocket or tape it to the dashboard in your car so you can’t ignore it.

5. Invest in a good set of workout clothes and shoes. Not only does it make working out safer and more comfortable, but it also instills a sense of pride and commitment. And you’ll feel obligated to justify spending the money.

6. Don’t just plan on going to the gym at some point in the day. Make an actual appointment with yourself and schedule the start and stop time just like you would appointment for a business meeting. If you fail to specify the time, and you don’t get to the gym, it’s easy to delude yourself into thinking that you simply postponed your workout. A specific start time will make you more likely to keep the appointment.

7. You want to be in shape, and you’ve got to stay in shape so you can take part in activities with your kids as they grow up. So you can crawl, run and play ball with them.

8. Don’t psych yourself out by thinking each visit to the gym has to be a hardcore workout. If you’re stressed at work, just jump on the treadmill for 30 minutes so that you feel energized when you leave the gym, not tired.

9. When debating whether you want to go to the gym or not, ask yourself two questions: what happens if I stick to my plan? What happens if I don’t?

10 . Give your TV remote control to a friend who will return it to you only when you show up at the gym. Or a great tactic I used with an old co-worker was to exchange each other’s gym shoes. That way if you were really obligated to make it to your scheduled AM workout with your workout buddy or you had one mad friend!

Here’s to hoping we all get motivated to get active this Spring! Please send me an e-mail with any tips that have worked for you and got you to the gym.

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