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No gym needed: 6 fun ways to get fit

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April 18, 2016

No gym needed: 6 fun ways to get fit

People in cowboy boots dancing

It’s hard to stay motivated when exercise feels more like work than play. We’ve been there, and we understand! Are you ready for a happier approach? If so, then step off the treadmill and put the fun back into fitness with exercises like these.

Young woman dancing outside

1. Dancing

The body loves movement, and this is what dancing offers in abundance. You’ll work up a sweat, raise your heart rate, tone leg muscles and strengthen your hips, thighs and abdomen while improving your coordination.

Among the fun ways to get exercise, dancing is one of the most convenient because it can be done at any time and requires little to no equipment. Dance to your favorite music in the privacy of your home or enroll in classes and learn ballroom dance, salsa or a number of other fun dance styles.

2. Walking and hiking

Walking and hiking are fun ways of exercising that require only a good pair of shoes and a little time. You don’t have to live in the mountains to enjoy beautiful and interesting scenery, either. When you want a change of pace from a neighborhood park or walking trail, consider visiting local public treasures, such as zoos or botanical gardens. Most offer seasonal or annual passes at a discount so you can bask in attractive, entertaining surroundings each time you go on your urban hike.

Young woman jump roping outdoors

3. Jump rope

One thing children excel at is finding outlets to work off energy, so adults can take their cue from kids regarding fun ways of exercising. The jump rope, for example, is a simple piece of equipment that certainly isn’t just for kids.

It’s easy to find adult-sized jump ropes in a variety of weights and lengths to match your fitness goals. This fun exercise gets your heart rate up, works your legs, buttocks and arms, and improves coordination. Use it as your primary form of exercise or as a supplement to other fun ways of exercising. Since you can jump rope indoors, why not add it to your list of fun ways to exercise when weather doesn’t permit outdoor activities?

Young woman boating on a lake

4. Boating

Boating is a popular vacation activity because it’s enjoyable, exciting and offers a great way to work fun exercise into your schedule. You don’t have to wait until vacation time to enjoy boating, however. Rent or buy a canoe, kayak, rowboat or paddle boat and use it throughout most seasons.

Rowing works muscles in your arms, abdomen, back and thighs, while paddle boats give your legs a gentle but effective workout and engage the abdominals to a lesser extent. The best part of this fun exercise is that you can easily forget you’re exercising.

A bicycle in front of a brick wall

5. Bicycling

The easy movement and the change in scenery as you bike down trails or around your neighborhood make bicycling feel like play. However, although bicycling is among the most fun ways to exercise because it can feel effortless, you’re working your leg muscles, raising your metabolism and burning calories while pedaling.

Fit woman leaning forward on small trampoline

6. Trampoline

Bouncing on a trampoline or a small rebounder might look effortless, but it provides a good workout. Some benefits of rebounding include better balance, improved muscle tone, and increased bone density and bone strength. Rebounding also burns calories and provides cardiovascular benefits.

These fun ways of exercising become even more enjoyable when you switch to a different activity from week to week. Doing this helps ensure you don’t get bored and that you work many muscle groups. Remember to talk to your doctor before beginning anything new and don’t forget to make fun a priority.

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