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Stay Fit: 9 Tips to Keep You on Track during Thanksgiving

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November 18, 2014

Stay Fit: 9 Tips to Keep You on Track during Thanksgiving

Any weight loss expert can tell you that there are challenges to face when the holidays grow close – especially Thanksgiving, which is based around food. But Thanksgiving doesn’t have to derail your weight loss!  Here are nine tips on how to stay on track during Thanksgiving while still enjoying this special day.

  1. Keep moving: Increasing your exercise is key during the holidays. Even if you only add an extra 15 minutes a day to your exercise routine or begin to take a walk every day, this will help boost your energy and remind you that you’re making yourself and your health a priority now, which is a good mindset for Thanksgiving and every other day.
  2. Cut back on carbs: A low-carb diet is one of the most popular and healthy weight loss options. But at this time of year, pie, stuffing, and potatoes are just about everywhere you look, which is a huge part of why so many people get off-track with their diets. Limit sweet and starchy carbs whenever and wherever you can to keep those extra pounds at bay.
  3. Eat healthy throughout the day: Don’t make the mistake of fasting prior to a big event. The truth is, if you go into a feast with a rumbling tummy, you’ll be much more likely to overeat. A healthy, protein-packed breakfast and lunch are your best bets for not overdoing it once you sit down at the table.
  4. Avoid alcohol: Alcohol is almost synonymous with holiday cheer… but it’s a big source of empty calories. Save your calories for a favorite dish – don’t waste them on drinks. If you feel you must indulge, go with a spritzer to cut calories in half.
  5. Bring your own dishes: It’s an old method, but a good one. Make at least one low-carb dish – but preferably more if you can – that you can eat guilt-free. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re missing out, but there’s no shortage of healthy recipes out there to lighten up traditional favorites, such as low-carb appetizers and guilt-free desserts.
  6. Watch your portions: While you’ll be tempted to load your plate full, be aware of the size of your portions. Remember that once you become too full, your enjoyment of each dish will lessen.
  7. Skip the seconds: Nobody really enjoys a food coma, do they? With that in mind, limit yourself to one serving only. Many dishes are better the second day anyway, so keep tomorrow in mind as well.
  8. Eat slowly: This goes hand in hand with the next point and is crucial at any meal. Put your fork and knife down in between bites. Chew thoroughly (this will make things easier on your digestive system). Breathe. Smile. Take the time to taste and savor the food. Enjoy the experience – a meal like this only comes once a year!
  9. Remember the real reason for the feast: Yes, feasting is a traditional activity on Thanksgiving, but that meal is a symbol of the blessings in our life that we should give thanks for. It’s the time we spend with our loved ones during this special day that really counts, so be sure to participate in conversation around the table. Reminisce over old stories, laugh, and connect. You’d be surprised at how much less you’ll eat when you’re busy enjoying yourself.

For further help navigating the holidays while maintaining your weight loss plan, consult our weight loss doctors here at BMI of Texas. Let the professionals at our weight loss clinic help you enjoy the holidays healthfully.