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BMI of Texas Patient Loses 210 Pounds after Sleeve Gastrectomy & Receives American Heart Association Lifestyle Change Award

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June 3, 2018

BMI of Texas Patient Loses 210 Pounds after Sleeve Gastrectomy & Receives American Heart Association Lifestyle Change Award

San Antonio, May 2018 – As businesses and residents in Bexar County explore ways to improve health and wellness, a San Antonio man was recently recognized by the American Heart Association (San Antonio) for his dramatic lifestyle changes. Chris Sander, who lost more than 200 pounds after undergoing weight loss surgery, credits the doctors and staff at the Bariatric Medical Institute of Texas (BMI of Texas) for providing him with the tools to lead a healthier life.

According to Chris, age 51, struggles with his weight began when he was a teen. He would diet and lose weight, then fall back into bad eating habits and regain the weight. He was unable to ride a bike, go to the movies or sit in an airplane seat. Concerns about his long-term health convinced him that he needed to make a drastic change. He met with BMI of Texas surgeon Dr. Terive Duperier and made the decision to undergo a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Post-surgery, he worked with Dr. Jenny Seger and the medical weight management team at BMI of Texas to develop and follow a comprehensive diet and exercise program. Three years later, he has lost more than 200 pounds, maintained the weight loss, and has a body fat of only 12 percent.

“If you think weight loss surgery is the easy way out then you are wrong. It’s a complete lifestyle change and it’s a lot of work,” says Chris. “Have you tried everything else and it didn’t work out? You need to hit rock bottom before you’re ready to succeed with weight loss surgery. I followed Dr. Duperier’s pre- and post-operation directions exactly and had no issues at all. The weight came off quickly and now I have so much energy. Even my plantar fasciitis has gone away now that I’ve lost so much weight.”

BMI of Texas co-founder Dr. Duperier says that Chris serves as a role model for other patients. “Chris has truly embraced this new lifestyle and is such an encouragement to so many of our past, present and future patients. He used weight loss surgery as a tool to transform his life, successfully keeping his weight off with a comprehensive diet and exercise regimen. At BMI of Texas, we are proud to provide what we think is the most comprehensive weight and metabolism management center in all of Texas,” said Dr. Duperier.

According to the American Heart Association, the Healthy For Good Lifestyle Change Award recognizes individuals who have made positive changes to improve their quality of life and health. Chris was nominated for the award by Dr. Jorge Alvarez and Dr. John Kupferschmid.

Obesity is a multi-factorial and complex disease, which is why BMI of Texas created a unique, comprehensive program to help patients maintain their health and weight long-term. The physicians and staff are dedicated to creating an enduring partnership with patients in order to ensure their long-term success by providing care in a supportive, compassionate, and guilt-free environment. BMI of Texas helps patients achieve their weight loss goals and improved health through various surgical procedures including gastric bypass, Obalon Balloon System, LAP-BAND, duodenal switch and gastric sleeve, as well as a comprehensive medical weight management program.

BMI of Texas weight loss surgeons Terive Duperier, MD, FACS, Richard Englehardt, MD, FACS, and Michael Seger, MD, FACS, have been recognized by San Antonio Scene in the magazine’s annual listing of the city’s top physicians. Dr. Jennifer Seger, who heads up the practice’s medical weight loss program, was recognized as a “Best of 2016” doctor in the Bariatric Medicine category. The BMI of Texas doctors have repeatedly been recognized by their peers dating back the awards’ inception in 2005.


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