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Healthy Lenten resolutions for your mind and body

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March 10, 2017

Healthy Lenten resolutions for your mind and body

Lent is a popular time to make resolutions, as it’s traditionally a period of self-examination and reflection. It’s also the perfect time to create health goals that will improve your diet and exercise habits as you become more positive and mindful.

The following are some healthy Lent resolutions to benefit your mind and body:

Woman carrying basket of food items to prepare for a healthy Lent.

Give up a food or beverage that isn’t good for you

Many people have weaknesses for a food or beverage that can derail healthy eating plans. Whether it’s alcohol, chocolate, other sweets, chips or french fries, the idea of giving it up for 40 days sounds more achievable than avoiding it permanently. After 40 days, however, you may find that you no longer crave it like you used to, leaving you ready to cut it out of your diet entirely – or at least substantially cut down on your consumption.

Man taking a walk outside as a healthy Lent resolution.

Add a healthy habit

Lent is typically thought of as a time to give something up, but it can also present the perfect opportunity to start a new healthy habit. If you’re not currently exercising, begin with a moderate walking program. And if you’re already working out regularly, add a new form of fitness to your routine, such as weight training.

Plus-size young woman smiling while taking a walk outside.

Be mindful of negativity

Spend 40 days being more positive by realizing that while you can’t control the actions of others, you can control your own. Don’t engage in gossip, surround yourself with positive people and take the time to count your blessings.

Two plus-size young women smiling and sitting in bumper cars.

Do things with purpose

Finding purpose by doing something meaningful can help your mental health. This may include volunteering for a worthy cause or spending time pursuing a favorite hobby. Focusing on an activity that’s meaningful to you can help reduce stress and depression.

Plus-size woman getting therapy from another woman for a healthy Lent.

Get help if you need it

Whether you consult a trusted circle of friends, your pastor or a counselor, sharing any persistent issues you may be having can help alleviate depression and negativity.

Woman leaning on counter with healthy Lent food items including oil, eggs, nuts, salmon, and avocado.

Learn new healthy recipes

Replacing unhealthy, sugar-laden recipes with healthier options will allow you to still enjoy your meals while maintaining a nutritious diet. New recipes offer ways to prepare dishes in a healthier way, such as steaming, or teach you more about making substitutions for fatty or otherwise unhealthy ingredients.

Woman raising arms and happily looking towards the sky.

Forgive any lapses

If you fall short of achieving your new goal or stumble in your efforts to give up something unhealthy for the full 40 days, simply start again. Abandoning your goal won’t help you in the long run, so don’t let a day – or even a few days – of eating chips or failing to exercise derail your overall progress. Get back on track, and before long, you may even feel ready to keep up your healthy habits long after Lent.

For more information about making healthy Lent resolutions and keeping them for more than 40 days, contact BMI of Texas.