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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Health Enthusiast in Your Life

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November 25, 2015

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Health Enthusiast in Your Life

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‘Tis the season to go shopping! And, let’s face it, we all have one or two people on our lists over whom we scratch our heads when it comes time to make a purchase. If those individuals happen to be on the path to a healthier life, keep these gift ideas in mind while doing your shopping.


  • Healthy eating is half the battle when it comes to healthy living, and it all starts with preparation. Cooking without butter and oil can make a dish much healthier. The T-fal ActiFry offers a healthier food preparation process, as it requires little to no oil. Another option is a classic Crock-Pot, which facilitates healthy cooking even on the busiest of days.
  • An immersion blender like this Cuisinart model can make nutritious soups and sauces easier than ever. It’s perfect for the holiday season and cold winter months!
  • For many, the holidays are a time for enjoying a glass of wine with friends and loved ones–but keeping track of portion size can be tricky. Portion-measuring wine glasses make it easy to monitor exactly how much you’re drinking. A great idea for the health conscious who like to unwind with a glass of wine on occasion!
  • The foundation to a healthy diet starts with the consumption of water. While plastic water bottles are convenient, they are a burden on the environment. Instead, this stylish new Brita pitcher will make it easy for your friend or loved one to enjoy fresh, clean water while having a positive environmental impact.

Fitness & Exercise

  • A pedometer is one of the handiest tools a health-conscious individual can have in their arsenal. These devices track a user’s steps, and most, like the Cateye Fit Wireless Cycling Computer/Walking Pedometer, even work when clipped onto a bike–perfect for cyclists, runners and walkers alike. The Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band is a similar tool that even reminds the user when he or she has been inactive.
  • Staying hydrated and carrying one’s essentials while exercising can be a challenge. The ingenious Kangaroo Water Bottle has a pocket in which to carry an ID, gym pass, money, key or whatever a person needs while on the go.
  • Music can make or break a work out experience. Keep your loved one moving with sweat resistant earbuds built specifically with fitness and exercise in mind.
  • For those interested in more relaxing exercise, a thoughtful gift such as a personalized yoga mat is perfect. Both literally and figuratively, you can be sure the recipient will keep this gift close to their heart.

These are just a few health conscious gifts to choose from. Let our selections inspiration your own holiday shopping list. Remember, the right gifts can help your loved ones achieve better health and keep them feeling good long after the holidays are over.

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